Sunday, 24 August 2014

Raindrops and Rainbow Cookies

When I scheduled the "Raindrops and Rainbows" cookie classes, I thought I'd jumped the gun: it didn't look like the winter drought was anywhere near releasing it's hold on us. But on the very day of the first class, the spring rains arrived. What a co-incidence, huh?! On the one hand I was relieved that my theme wasn't completely seasonally in-appropriate (because these things matter to me!),  on the other it heralds the start of the challenges that spring brings. But at least there will be rainbows!

I knew from months before, that there had to be ducks in the cookie round-up. I couldn't quite connect the dots, though. Ducks and rainy days? It's the puddles, right?

So, to tie up the loose ends, I felt compelled to make a duck-in-a-puddle cookie. 
This is how: 

(And one with the cloud flipped over, because I thought that may be a more pleasing shape...

                                                                                                        ... which do you think is better?)

 For the cookie recipe I use go here;
and for the royal icing recipe and tips on icing techniques go here.   

Happy baking and decorating! 


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