Sunday, 19 April 2015

Sea Themed Cake Pops

I almost forgot about these - snapped on my phone amidst the chaos of birthday prep a month ago. But a busy March, transitioned into a busier April and I'm needing to play a little catch-up.
So, this is a gone-fishing kind of filler while I work on some meatier posts.

Sea Themed Cake Pops

You'll need:

  • cake balls ready for dipping (See how I make cake pops here.) 
  • cake pop sticks
  • melted white chocolate, coloured aqua/ sea green
  • finely crushed cookie crumbs
  • small edible fish (of course most fish are edible... but you know what I mean!)  
  • piping consistency royal icing

After you've secured the cake ball onto the stick with chocolate, dip it  into the aqua-coloured chocolate; tap it gently on the side of the bowl to allow the excess chocolate to drip off.

Before the chocolate sets completely (but has stopped dripping), dip the base of the cake pop into finely crushed cookie crumbs. 

If you get the timing right, and the chocolate hasn't set yet, the fish will stick to the cake pop. Otherwise use a little chocolate to glue it in place. 

Once the chocolate has set completely, pipe on small dots of royal icing to imitate bubbles (you can use melted white chocolate, but my chocolate piping skills are not so hot, so I'll stick with what I know!)  It's an important step - the bubbles really bring it to life (breathing air does that, I guess...!)

Nestle the finished cake pops in a bed of cookie crumbs to serve (for the realistic ocean floor look!).

Happy creating!

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Must-Make Chocolate Tart

Would you feel I'm rushing you if I said it's time to move on from Easter and use up all those left over chocolate eggs?
Ok, maybe you don't have any left  (I have a friend who makes a point of eating all of hers on Easter Sunday - just to make sure they don't tempt her again on Monday. Makes sense...!); well, then use normal baking chocolate. Because trust me  - this is a  must make chocolate tart! And it's so easy. It's my new go-to desert.
 I first made it using only 70% dark chocolate. But I've modified the recipe, and lightened it up a bit. It's better.  Not too bitter, not too sweet. Rich and chocolatey.  It's what Easter eggs want to be when they grow up ;o)

Must-Make Chocolate  Tarts
Recipe adapted from Nigella 

Preheat the oven to 160'C
Grease 2 x 20cm tart pans


300g cookie crumbs
100g butter
160g dark chocolate

Melt the butter and chocolate together in a double boiler, or slowly in the microwave.
Mix well with the cookie crumbs and press firmly into the base of your tart pans.

Bake for 10 minutes at 160'C


250g dark chocolate - I used half  Callebaut 70% dark callets, and half normal baking chocolate (dark)
185g butter
4 large eggs
4 large egg yolks
75g caster sugar

Melt the chocolate and butter together in a double boiler. Cool slightly

Beat the eggs, yolks and sugar together until doubled in volume.

Pour the chocolate mixture into the egg mixture. Beat well.

Pour into the prepared tart pans.

Bake  for 10-12 minutes.

Cool completely.

Dust with icing sugar before serving.



Thursday, 26 March 2015

Cream Cheese Pound Cake

Yeah, you've seen these mermaid cake pictures before... But I'm using them to prettify this page because I've only got 1 picture of the inside of the cake (which is what this post is about).
It was so hot on the day of the party, that the cake literally melted.
Ganache and modelling chocolate are great; just not outside in 38'C heat.

I'm incredibly thankful that the day I covered the cake was slightly cooler, stressed as I was about getting it done in time - squeezed into a couple of  hours between caesarian sections in the morning, and again in the afternoon. (Stop having babies, dammit - I'm trying to decorate cakes here!)

I used a cream cheese vanilla pound cake recipe for the cake; baked in three  7 inch pans (I wanted a tall cake) and coloured using gel colours. The fill between layers is marshmallow cream. 

Cream Cheese Pound Cake 
Recipe adapted from Taste of Home 

Preheat the oven to 180'C
Grease and line 3x  8inch round cake pans (or 7 inch pans).
You can also use a Bundt pan, but baking time will be considerably longer.


250g butter
500g caster sugar
250g cream cheese
6 large eggs
125ml vegetable oil
450g cake flour
1 1/2 tsp baking powder
2 tsp vanilla extract
1/4 tsp salt

In the bowl of your electric mixer, cream the butter and sugar together until light and fluffy.
Beat in the cream cheese.
Add then eggs, 1 at a time; beating well. Scrape down the bowl between additions if necessary.
Beat in the oil and vanilla.
Sift in the dry ingredients, and mix until just incorporated.

Pour equal amounts of the batter into the prepared cake pans, and bake for approx. 30 minutes, or until a cake tester comes out clean.

Remove from the oven, and allow to cool in the pans before turning out onto a cooling rack.

If you want to colour the layers - weigh the batter; divide it into three bowls, then use gel colours in each portion.
I used sky blue (which becomes aqua because of the slightly yellow base colour of the batter) and a mix of regal purple and electric purple for the purple layer.

Happy baking!


Sunday, 22 March 2015

Mermaid Birthday Party

Months ago when I was setting up my schedule for the first semester, I set aside this whole week to leisurely prepare for my daughter's mermaid-themed 5th birthday party.
As it turned out, I spent the whole of Monday morning on an outing with my son's class; Tuesday morning in theatre; Wednesday, the whole day on a course; Thursday and Friday back in theatre...(Oh, and did I mention my husband was away over the weekend for a conference?!)
So, by the time the party arrived, I was feeling ragged. But my sister came to the rescue and helped set everything up, and I think we managed to pull it off...
I say think because it was just a blur of activity (in ganache-melting 36'C heat!)
Here are some pic's before everything (including the guests!) melted....

Paper pompoms

 Mermaid photo prop (thanks to 

 The purple and aqua tutu that I made ... and that the party-girl refused to wear...

Children's treats table

Mermaid Cake

Sea-themed cake pops


Shell and starfish cookies

Underwater details

...and the modelling chocolate mermaid cake topper, who succumbed to the heat like the rest of us!

I'll share the cake recipe I used on my next post.

Have a great week!


Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Oreo Bites

They say that necessity is the mother of invention.
I don't know who they are, but they're right.
I needed butter to bake something for tea for the next day's class. I didn't have butter. (How could I not have butter!?!) But I did have ganache. Go figure!
So, I "invented" these.
Who knows if they're original.
They say there's nothing new under the sun. (I think they're wrong on that one.)

 But here they are - a tea treat that doesn't need butter...
I'm calling them Oreo Bites.
 Or Oreo Bombs. Maybe Oreo Pops.
 Um... Oreo Thingy's - that one was Tammy's title; giving credit where it's due  ;o)

Oreo Bites / Bombs/ Pops
Recipe by Tea,Cake and Create

300g Oreo biscuits, finely crushed
200g white chocolate ganache
200g dark chocolate, melted - for dipping.
Cocoa for dusting

White Chocolate Ganache

150g white chocolate
50g cream (35-40% fat content)

Melt both ingredients together in a double boiler.

Allow to cool slightly.

(If you're using ganache that has already set, heat it gently - either in the microwave or double boiler - until it is at spreading consistency.)

Assembling the Oreo Pops:
Mix the crumbs and ganache together.
Take spoonfuls of the mixture and roll into balls.
Refrigerate for 30minutes

Dip in melted chocolate. (I do this by dipping half, allowing it to set; then dipping the other half).

Dust with cocoa powder. Serve. Eat.


Friday, 13 March 2015

Spotlight - Blossoms and Bakes, Hillcrest

For a while now I've been mulling over how best to promote and bring to peoples' attention the talented ladies I've encountered through my classes. I wanted it to be more substantial than just sharing their pages on Facebook.  And I personally love to know about people. (It's called being interested,  not nosiness, ok?!)

So, herewith the first of what I hope is going to be a monthly feature of interviews with local bakers, decorators and associated business owners.

Let's all say Hi to....

 Blossoms and Bakes, Fancis Bothwell

Tell us a little about yourself / your background.
My name is Francis Bothwell.  I grew up in the Netherlands and after finishing fashion school where I had a great outlet to be creative and learn about photography, styling and graphic design, I travelled the world.
I have since settled in Hillcrest South Africa with my husband* and our 5 year old son.

(*Editor's note - Fran's husband helps me out whenever I've got my self in too deep with my Mac. He's an Apple expert... Mac Access)

How did you get into baking / decorating? 
I always loved baking, as a young girl I loved to bake with my Mom.
But missing home and craving Dutch treats I started baking biscuits and cakes for myself, family and friends.
They where such a hit that I kept getting orders and when I saw some iced biscuits in a local deli I knew this is what I wanted to do.

What do you like making / decorating the most and why? 
Anything you steer clear of? 
 I don’t really have a favourite as I prefer challenging myself and trying out new recipes.
 I don’t really steer clear from anything. And if it’s believed a recipe is hard, it makes me 
 want to try it even more.

What are your biggest baking / decorating challenges?  
Have you had any memorable disasters? 
 It is really important to me to use natural and good quality ingredients. As I use only 
 natural colouring it can be very challenging to get the right colours for icing and fondant.
 I remember trying to make black icing and started off with way to much icing to colour black 
 and ended with a huge bag of grey icing!

What's are you most proud of so far? 
 It is not necessarily a product but the fact that I have not given up yet and still challenging
 myself to try new things.


What would you say your style is, or is there a particular style you like to follow? 
 I would say my style is organic and simple, drawn to more natural colours and materials.
 Donna Hay for example, her style I enjoy.

Where would you like to go with your craft? 
My short term goal at the moment is to learn as much as I can and develop my personal style.
Long term it would be fantastic to be able to bake and style for magazines and maybe even start my own blog.
Any words for the decorating community? 
Don’t be discouraged if a recipe doesn’t work out. Don’t give up, research and keep trying, and don’t loose sight of what inspired you to bake, have fun with it!


Aren't Fran's photo's great?! It was seeing her pictures on her FB page, that really spurred me into action to get these interviews started.
So, go over, see for yourself and show her some love at Blossoms and Bakes.

Until next time...


Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Baby Shower Cookies : Baby Shoe

Most of the time my cookie classes' themes are inspired by what's happening: seasons, celebrations, styles. But I'm relieved to say that this class wasn't one of them. I'm very glad for you if you're  pregnant; but I'm more glad for me that I'm not...!
My son says he wants a brother, and my daughter wants "a gazillion" sisters. I say no NO! You two are just perfect. You two are ENOUGH!

SO,  ahem... I mean so...

How to decorate a Baby Shoe Cookie: 

Outline cookie with piping consistency royal icing, and allow to dry

 Flood with "15 second" baby blue icing.

Pipe on wet-on-wet dots with 15 second white icing, and allow to dry.

 Pipe on stitching with piping consistency icing; and the start of a small button with 15 second yellow icing. Leave to dry.

Pipe a border around the circle of yellow icing to create the button with 15 second icing; and pipe on  the criss-cross stitch.
 Leave to dry.

Royal icing recipe and explanation of consistencies here
Gorgeous baby themed cutters from Treat Boutique

Happy decorating!