Saturday, 9 August 2014

Dress-on-Mannequin Cake

 I don't make cakes that I have to carve as a rule. But sometimes rules just have to be broken!

I had the idea of this cake in mind for my sister's birthday, and I tried to convince myself to make the dress and mannequin as a topper instead, but couldn't let myself get away with the cop-out.
So, after a restless night filled with cake-dreams, I took the plunge.

There are no work-in-progress shots, because I didn't actually think I'd pull it off!

The mannequin is black fondant mixed with modelling chocolate. The cake is under the skirt.
I used my white chocolate cupcake recipe for the cake - it baked 4 x  5 inch (12.5cm) layers. Which I then whittled down to 10cm base. I carved the cake after it had been chilled, and it was a pleasantly pain-free process(apart from nicking my thumb with my new ultra-sharp serrated knife!)

The trickiest part was dressing the bust - next project sewing classes!

Happy Women's Day!