Sunday, 8 June 2014

Bollywood Cupcakes

We wrapped up the Bollywood Cupcakes classes yesterday, and I so enjoyed working with those colours and designs (I love paisley!) that I haven't had the heart to bin them yet.
Maybe a post about them will help me to get a little closure before I move onto the next theme?!
But what can I say about them? Think, think...

Ok, here are two random bytes:

Firstly, luster dust:
A couple of weeks back, I wrote about dry brushing a stencil design onto fondant.
You can use the same technique with luster dust to get a more "bling" effect.

And you can read a post here, on how to make a gold paint with luster dust.

(top left cupcake is the dry brush technique with a stencil;
top right and bottom left are luster paint)

Second, random share:
 Leave your teal/ turquoise icing - buttercream, fondant and (especially) tylose/ CMC paste - overnight for the colour to mature. It goes from teal to teal-on-steroids. Very Bollywood.

Ok, I'm done. The cupcakes can go in the trash now. Well, tomorrow. Maybe.

; )


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