Friday, 13 June 2014

Superstitions Toppers

How's today been for you? Full moon, Friday the 13th?!
I generally don't give any consideration to these things. I'm not a superstitious person, but the two ladies who couldn't make it to my class today - one had locked herself in her house, the other couldn't get her car to open - might feel differently about the date.
Perhaps, though it wasn't bad luck; maybe it was good luck. Because for some reason, maybe they were better off not being on the roads this morning...  O_O  !

 Anyway, after those spine-chilling thoughts,  I thought it appropriate to share some "Superstitions" cake toppers that I made for a friend a couple of weeks ago.

I'd love to be able to say that I made a photo tutorial for these, but it was all a little rushed  - so I'm just going to talk you through the mirrors. Is that ok? 

They are made out of tylose paste. 
The paste for the background  mirrors was white; for the frames, the paste was grey. 

What really helped was having sets of plaque/ frame cutters in various sizes.
I used the largest to cut out the mirror; the same one to cut out the frame, and then one size smaller to cut away the inside of the frame.  
The paste for the frame was embossed before the frame was cut out. 

The mirror surface was scored with the edge of a palette knife to create the cracked effect, while the paste was still soft. 
That was left to dry, then silver luster dust was dry brushed onto the surface. 

 Once the frames were dry, they also got lustered.

The frames were secured in place on top of the mirrors with a little tylose glue. 

I hope that you can visualise all that?!
(Note to self - take work-in-progress photos in future!)

You can find a tutorial for the umbrellas here:

Have a lovely (and lucky) weekend!


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