Friday, 20 June 2014

Cosmetics Cookies

I'm trying to be on top of things - I really am. Working on projects a couple of weeks in advance (how organised is that?!) because things are going to get a little crazy around here after next week.
Surviving school holidays; hosting Dot Klerck's classes, running a class of my own, and making a baby shower cake for a friend. Listed like that it doesn't sound so bad. Or does it? Maybe I'm not thinking straight...delirious from anticipation/apprehension!

But, for now: simpler things. Tomorrow is the second and final Corsets and Cosmetics Cookies class...

...and in case you missed them "live", here's a quick note on adding dimension to your cookie >

If you want adjacent areas on your cookie to be visually distinct, then you need to flood them at different times. It's pretty obvious when you're working with different colours, or areas that have to look different; but it is also a very effective technique when only using one colour in one area of a cookie. 

Here's an example:

These areas were outlined with piping consistency royal icing using a small plain tip (Ateco 00 or PME 1.5), then flooded with 15second icing using an Ateco 1 tip.

(For an explanation of royal icing consistencies see here and here.)

Then those segments are left to dry for about 20minutes (depending on the ambient humidity) before flooding the remaining segments.

And there you can see the clear distinction between the areas that dried separately.

After that whole area dried, then the top of the perfume bottle was piped on, and the royal icing rose added.

Happy decorating!


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