Saturday, 28 June 2014

Barney is a T-Rex!

Barney is a T-Rex! That profound paleontological insight struck me just recently.
I'd had a flurry of interest in Barney cookie cutters. (And by a flurry I mean 3 people. But that's unprecedented!). I don't have Barney cutters. But then I looked at the T-Rex cutter and that's when I saw Barney, and his true nature became clear to me.  Fascinating, huh? Huh?

Anyway... Although I don't like doing character cookies, and I consider myself fortunate having avoided the big B-Rex so far, I just had to give him a try. I only made 2, thankfully. So my sanity remains reasonably in tact. All things being relative.

Sketch on the outline with a graphite (non-toxic) pencil or with an edible marker

Use piping consistency black icing and a fine nozzle (Ateco 00 or PME 1.5) to pipe on the outline.
Leave to dry.

Pipe on the stripes of white icing for Barney's distinctive smile (that impossibly toothless toothy grin).
Leave to dry.

Outline and flood his body with purple  - remember to leave his tummy out, it's going to be green.
While the body is still wet, pipe the green dots on his back and tail.
Allow to dry.

Flood the green belly area.

Pipe on an eye, and a nostril.
And a few yellow spots for toes.

Once the eye is dry, a purple arch above the eye helps complete the face.

Air dry for 24 hours before packaging.

Maybe not a "dinosaur sensation", but he'll do.

And that's my Barney tale. 

; )


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