Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Dot Klerck's Singing in the Rain Class

When I first saw Dot Klerck's cake art, I was blown away! And I figured that I'd have to go down to Wellington to do a class with her. But between juggling young children and all the other things that keep me busy, I never got around to putting the plan into action.
So I was absolutely delighted to find out a few months ago that Dot was coming to Durban. And even better -I had the privilege of hosting her!
I had sleepless nights, though, before the start of the classes. I avoid sculpting cakes. Completely. And I'd also prefer not have to trim and torte or dowel them. Seriously.
So, I was way out of my comfort zone, but you know what - sometimes that's a good place to be! Dot is a really amazing teacher and we had such a fun group of cake-ladies here.
 I can't wait to do another course. Come back, Dot!

This is the Singing in the Rain cake that we did. Sweet, isn't she?
It's all Dot's design and structure, so I take can no credit for that. But I did assemble it - sculpting and all (I've got a fair bit of work to do on that skill!)
The dress and lamp are cake; the cake and support structures are covered in a modelling chocolate/ fondant mix.

You wouldn't believe how much planning and preparation goes into making a gravity defying cake - literally down to the last centimetre. A lot of time is spent at the drawing board before even touching the cake.

For all the details, you'll have to take one of Dot's classes ; )
But I am going to give you one little tidbit:-

Don't use caramel as a filler between layers of a cake you need to carve!
Caramel sticks to your carving knife and pulls the cake apart as you're trying to cut it.
What a mess!

I still can't claim to feel comfortable with it, but I'm already working on an idea for a gravity defying cake of my own.
Ok, now I've put it out there - I'd better follow through. Gulp! Give me a couple of months to plan it though, ok?!


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