Sunday, 29 November 2015

Movember Cake Pops: Melting Chocolate

Oh, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate...
You've probably read that with the wrong tone. It was an oh, not an ah.
Now picture me shaking my head wearily and saying it.
Yes, that's right - that kind of tone.
(Sometimes dealing with chocolate is like dealing with your children at the end of a looong day.)
And if you've battled with cake pops, it's either that your mixture is wrong, or the chocolate is being bratty.
(Find how I make my cake pops mixture here.)

So, here's a chocolate tip for you:
It's really easy (too easy!) to over-heat chocolate.
Chocolate starts melting around 30-32'C. Once it's melted the temp. is around 40 - 45'C, depending on whether it's dark, milk or white chocolate
But it should not get to temperatures above 46'C (48'C for dark chocolate.)
So... you have a degree or two leeway. Eek!! 
If you've overheated your chocolate, it looks kind-of melted, but instead of  pouring freely off the spoon if kind-of plops of the spoon  ... in a different kind of way to un-melted chocolate! It's preparing itself to seize.  (Chocolate's version of a kiddie's temper tantrum). You may in fact think that it's not melted enough, and continue to heat it. Bad idea! If you recognise that it's getting to the over-heated stage, immediately remove from the heat source and stand the bowl containing the chocolate in a larger bowl of cold water. (Don't let any of the water get into the chocolate, it will seize!) Stir until the chocolate begins to cool down. You may rescue it.

This is what melted chocolate should look like for dipping cake pops:

(Music credit - Falling by Julee Cruise)

And this is what overheated chocolate looks like - note how it appears lumpy; don't confuse this with under-melted chocolate!

(Music credit - Fix You by Coldplay)

I hope that helps! 

Happy (end of!) Movember ;o) 


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