Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Drip Cake with Macarons

Drip cakes (inspired by Katherine Sabbath) are really trendy right now.
They look pretty easy to make - don't they? It's just an iced cake with a bit of ganache poured over the top and a bunch of goodies piled onto that. Easy-peasy.
Yeah, right!
It's surprisingly tricky to get a good looking drip-effect, for one. Especially when you're doing it in 40'C heat! So mine dripped...dripped... and dropped..!

And then this particular cake (made for my macaron-loving niece) involved 4 batches of those tricky treats to get the different colours and flavours of macarons which I wanted to decorated the top of the cake.
(Read about my first forays into macaron making, and the recipe I still use, here).

Despite that, it is definitely a style I'm going to attempt again. Just remind me to do it on a cool day!

See a great short video on creating a drip-effect by Renee Conner here. (Wish I'd watched that first!) 

Happy baking! 


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