Saturday, 5 December 2015

Christmas Cookies 2015

620 odd cookies and about 6kg of royal icing later, and we've wrapped up Christmas cookie classes for 2015. Phew!
And then I did some extra ones for my children to take to school for break-up day this week.
I'm officially all Christmas-cookied-out!

At least I'm not nauseated by the colours, yet  - although I did get some grumbling about the lack of red.... ahem, Tara and Tarryn! ;o) 
But after 4 years of Christmas cookie classes, I have to keep it fresh for my own selfish sake! 

This was my 1st take on the colours for this year's demo cookies...

But it just wasn't working for me. Too much like last year's colours (and we don't do last season here - bwah!) 
And decorating winter shapes in the height of southern hemisphere summer was also sitting uncomfortably with me. It was easily solved by making them pink and lime green, though! 

And, FYI - that candy pink actually is red! "Red Red" gel, to be exact. So there! 

Happy decorating! 


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