Sunday, 1 November 2015

Halloween Cookies and Cupcakes

Ok, so on further consideration I won't get away with a simple two-colour palette for Christmas. (And I did give it serious consideration. But it's that darn green, always creeping in and wanting to be part of the action...!)
I have managed to squeeze in another set of dual-tone cookies, though, before we get caught up in the red, white and green onslaught!

Halloween is met with mixed emotions in SA; so I've stopped offering classes with this theme, unless specifically requested. But I love decorating Halloween-themed treats, and I jump at the opportunity to do so when I can. This year it was by squeezing in a mid-week specially-requested cupcake class, and making some cookies as a gift for a friend whose party was on the 31st.

 I nearly made the cupcake class a simple combination of orange and black, but added some purple in the end...

The cookies, however - I stuck to my double-barrelled guns. (One colour in each barrel - get it?!)

Here are a couple of process shots:

The cookie was flooded with white royal icing, left to dry then airbrushed with yellow, followed by orange around the edges to create the "glow".  The image was sketched onto the completely dried icing. 

The outline of the silhouette-image was piped onto the cookie with detail-consistency (soft peak) royal icing then filled in with flooding consistency icing. 

And the finished products: 

Happy Halloween-decorating!


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