Sunday, 3 May 2015

Mini Cake and Cake Stand Tutorial

Why is it that things in miniature are just so darn cute?! 
It's why the internet abounds with pictures of kittens.  You could just eat them right up, right?! 
Well, you can if they're mini food made out of modelling chocolate and fondant. 
(Unlike kittens eeuw! ) 


So, in case you couldn't join us for our Tea-Time Treats Cupcakes classes, here's a mini tutorial for you...

Mini Cake and Cake Stand Tutorial 

You'll need:
A small fondant roller 
Modelling chocolate / fondant mix in turquoise, pink and white
(Fondant with CMC powder added to it will work too) 
Small round and scalloped cutters
Small blossom cutters 
Cake smoother
CMC/ tylose glue or water** and a brush 
(** if you don't have CMC glue, water will do) 

Roll 2/3 of the turquoise paste into a long tear drop

Flatten its base and top on your work surface 

Cut out the top of the mini cake stand using the scalloped cutter. 
And place a toothpick into the stand. 
Allow both to firm up before assembling.  

To make the mini cake, take two balls of pink paste, one larger than the other...

..and use your cake smoother to roll 
and flatten them into cake shapes 

 Stack; use a little glue to secure them together.

Roll out a long thin ribbon  of white paste and position it around the join of the two cakes. Cut off the excess. 
Add some small flowers. 

Cut out a round of white paste to "plate" the mini cake. 

Once the top of the cake stand is firm, place it onto the base before putting the cake on top. The tooth pick should go through the cake, too. 

Happy decorating!


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