Monday, 27 April 2015

Autumn Leaves Tutorial

A couple of years ago I made another autumn themed cake.  It had a lot of leaves on it. A lot
They hid the myriad cracks, craters, bubbles and other blemishes that were a feature of my early fondant cakes. 
I've learnt a few things since then. Thankfully! So I can decorate with a more minimalist autumn look these days....

Autumn Leaves Tutorial

You'll need:

Sugar paste in autumn colours*
Small fondant roller 
Leaf cutters
Bone tool
Dresden tool / veining tool
Petal pad
Egg box for drying (the shallower "lid" part works particularly well)
Dusting colours - 
Flat tipped brush 

*(I'm using a mix of fondant and CMC (tylose) paste here, but you can use pure CMC paste/ gum paste. To get russet, colour the paste with red and brown gel). 

Roll out paste, and cut out leaves

Thin and curl leaf edges
with bone tool 

                                                      Add veins.

Dry leaves with edges curled up

 Once dry, dust with dusting colours 

 Add little brown dusting to enhance the veins

All done.

Autumn Themed Wedding Cake

Happy decorating! 


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