Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Royal Icing Transfers: Horse Silhouette Cookies

A year ago I started priming my niece for the kind of cake that I wanted to make for her next party. (Generous aunt that I am!) It's a theme I've been wanting to do for a while, but haven't had the opportunity yet. And I still haven't, because then Tyla went and fell in love with horses and horse riding, and... well, it's her party and she can have a horse theme if she wants to!

So, I made a cake and some decorated cookies in a very short space of time (it was one of those crazy weeks). And to speed up the decorating I used royal icing transfers for the cookies.

Here's how...

Royal Icing Transfers: Horse Silhouette Cookies 

Print out a template. Tape onto work surface.
Secure a sheet of acetate over the template.


Using piping consistency royal icing, outline the design 

then flood the area with flooding consistency royal icing

Once completely dry (allow 24hrs), slide a pallet knife underneath each decoration to remove from the acetate 

Flood a cookie with royal icing. 

 And gently place the royal icing transfer onto the still wet cookie.

You'll find  a recipe and explanation of royal icing consistencies here

Happy decorating!


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