Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Spotlight Interview: Lorna Jane Cake Designs

Beautiful cakes need to be photographed beautifully, and so once again it was the quality of this baker/ cake decorator's photographs that captured my attention.
 But pictures aside, as you'll see, Lorna's cakes are exquisite creations in themselves.  

Spotlight interview: Lorna Jane Cake Designs

Tell us a little about yourself/ your background.

I grew up in Westville and after completing school I qualified as a primary school teacher. A few years after getting married I moved to Kloof where I now live with my husband and daughter. My son is studying and working in Ireland.

How did you get into baking/decorating?

From a young age I was always experimenting with new recipes and baking delicious cakes and desserts. My Mom was definitely a huge inspiration and I have many family recipes that have been passed down over the years. While my children were still little, I kept myself busy baking a variety of cakes and confectionaries for a local home industry. I’d never worked with fondant until two years ago when I decided to try my hand at more formal cake decorating. I went for some lessons, enjoyed every minute of them and my new hobby took off from there.

What do you like making the most?
Anything you steer clear of?
At the moment, definitely layered cakes decorated with fondant or chocolate where I can put to the test newly acquired skills and techniques. I also enjoy making sugar flowers.I’ve tried decorating biscuits but it just isn’t my forte and not really something I enjoy doing, so I’ll leave that skill to those who are more proficient in that area. 

What would you say your style is, or is there a particular style you like to follow?
Whose work inspires you?

I like simple, clean lines and contemporary designs. I view each cake as a blank canvas. I like to believe that I am creating a piece of art that is not only visually pleasing but that tastes delicious too. There are so many extremely talented cake artists whose work I admire and aspire to, both locally and internationally, to choose one would be impossible.

Where would you like to go with your craft?
What’s the high point been so far?

I want to continue learning as much as I can, perfect my technique and be the best that I can be without losing the creativity and enjoyment that I have for cake decorating.Making my first wedding cake for friends was definitely a high point and a huge learning experience for me. Recently I had one of my cakes shared by an exceptionally talented, international cake artist and the response was phenomenal...it was certainly a confidence booster!

Any words for the cake decorating community?
I have met many wonderful and talented people since I began decorating, many of whom have shared their knowledge and expertise with me. Kerry Crampton was inspirational in teaching me the basics and she has been invaluable in helping me on my cake journey. Denise Dyson taught me much of what I know about flower making. I am a member of the Pinetown Branch of the South African Cake Decorators Guild where I have acquired a wealth of knowledge from demonstrations and workshops.


 Lorna tells me that she doesn't really bake for orders, just for friends and family. But maybe if you have a cake request that tickles her fancy, you'll be able to twist her arm! 
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