Monday, 14 July 2014

Amy's Baby Shower Cake

I think this was the quickest I've ever ganache'd a cake.
I don't do late night baking/ caking sessions - I just get too tired and sloppy, then just have to fix all the boo-boos in the morning. So, I was working to a tight deadline with this cake (a gift for a friend's baby shower); squeezing it in between wrapping up classes with Dot Klerck and preparing for my own classes the next morning.
And it was one of the smoothest, un-fussiest ganaching experiences I've ever had. Clearly working under pressure is good for me. (But not too often, thank you very much!)

The great thing about making a cake like this, is that most of the time-consuming work can be done far in advance. The topper, roses and cake lace were all ready a week before the cake was due.

The roses were made out of fondant mixed with tylose powder, in shades of burgundy and soft pink.
                                                     The edible lace is Crystal Lace. 


The pram is a polystyrene semi-circle covered in fondant.
The hood is tylose paste secured over a wire frame. 

And the cake, well -  I'll tell you the saga of the cake itself another time ; )

Happy baking and caking!


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