Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Winter Wonderland Cookies

If you've been holding your breath waiting for a new recipe from me, you'd be a not-so-pretty shade of blue by now. Sorry! I have several in the pipeline, but they're either needing a recipe tweak or better photos. (Perfectionist, what me? Noooo!)

So, instead I'll just entertain you with some (pretty shade of blue) pictures from our last set of classes:

Winter Wonderland Cookies. 

The blue is a touch of turquoise gel-colour; and the lilac is a hint electric purple, and a smidgeon of violet gel-colour mixed into white royal icing.
Both colours mature quite dramatically - so mix the night before; leave them a shade lighter than what you want, and they should be perfect the next day.

The penguin was inspired by Glorious Treats. Follow the link to see a tutorial on how to pipe similar penguins.

The polar bear is inspired by SweetSugarBelle. If you follow that link, you'll see how Callye used a frog cookie cutter to create the bear's face. I didn't have one, or anything similar. So, I used an artist palette cookie cutter, and cut little V's out the side of the face with the tip of the snowflake cutter - which I was already using in this set of cookies. Convenient!

Final word - remember to colour your white icing white - really! To get that clean, crisp white add Bright White gel-colour to your royal icing. 

Time to go work on some recipes.  Anyone keen to taste-test? 
; )


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