Friday, 23 May 2014

Colourful Cookie Pops

When I first started working with cookies and royal icing, I was fascinated with colour-flow techniques or wet-on-wet work. But then I got hold of some tiny icing nozzles (Ateco 00's weren't widely available in this country until recently, and PME's still aren't.) And I got caught up in fine lines: the challenge of detailed work.
Recently, though, I've re-discovered the delight of wet-on-wet work; not least of all because it's so jolly quick and effective!
So, these were some cookies that I did (jolly quickly!) for my niece's carnival themed party last weekend:

You'll need:
Round lollipop cookies. For the technique see here and here.
Royal icing - flooding consistency; in several colours.
A toothpick.

Icing technique:

Flood cookie.

Immediately (while the icing is still wet) fill in the spokes.
It's easiest to start with a cross,

 then do another cross at 45' to the first one,

 and a third and fourth.

Using a toothpick, pull through the icing clockwise around the outer circumference of the cookie.

Then, about 1cm in from that, pull through the icing in an anti-clockwise direction.

Continue alternating direction until you've reached the centre of the cookie.

Allow to dry completely (24hrs) before packaging or serving. 

Have a colourful weekend!



  1. Marina, thank you for sharing this. They are soooo pretty. As a novice I want to try this these.

    1. My pleasure :-)
      They're great cookies to try as a beginner decorator.
      Let me know how they turn out!