Sunday, 18 May 2014

Rice Krispie Treats

The past few weeks have been fruity. And by that I don't mean peachy. I mean pear-shaped. And by that I mean I've been going a little bananas trying to juggle way too many things!
 One of which was my niece's cake. I loved doing it, but I don't do big cakes often enough to be comfortable with them, so it was taking up a lot of brain space.
It stretched my capabilities, which is never a bad thing. (In hindsight!)

I usually make many of the decorations for a birthday cake in advance, so that closer to the party it's just a matter of baking, covering and assembling. But in this case I could only decorate the layers  once the cake was covered. And it took me an age just to cut out triangles and stripes.  (And then cut them out again because I didn't like the way they looked on the first attempt!)

To make life a little easier, though, the circus tent on top was made out of Rice Krispie Treat (RKT). It's really great for using in place of cake in details that you want to be lightweight; and you can mould / carve into a specific shape.

 I used a 4 inch cake tin to mould the base of the tent, and a funnel to shape the RKT for the tent top.

Rice Krispie Treats :
Recipe from Jessica Harris, Jessicakes

280g marshmallows
160g white chocolate
30g butter
200g Rice Krispies

Grease the sides of a microwave-proof bowl with Holsum (Crisco/ white vegetable fat).
Microwave the marshmallows, chocolate and butter together for 1 minute, stir; then microwave for another 30sec. Stir until smooth.
Add in the Rice Krispies, stir well.

Smear Holsum on your hands, then dig into the bowl and mix thoroughly by hand.

If you're using a container to shape/mould the RKT, spray it with non-stick baking spray, then pack the RKT mixture into the container. You can also mould it into shape by hand.
Once shaped, cover the RKT with ganache or buttercream before applying the fondant layer.
Easy-peasey lemon-squeezy.

Ok, that's me done for the day.
Sunday night movie time. Or maybe just bed...

Happy creating!


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