Sunday, 10 March 2013

Sweet Blossoms Cupcake Toppers

Show of hands: Who eats cupcake toppers, and who leaves them on the side of their plate?
Okay, so I can't really see your hands, but I'd guess that there are a few in each camp. I'm a non-topper-eater. But I love what they look like on a cupcake, and I really love making them. And delicate little flowers are amongst my favourite. They are so simple to make and oh so pretty.

Here's an example:

Blossom cut out of tylose paste
using an embossing plunger-cutter - a really simple design

Cut out several blossoms - this technique is easier if the paste is slightly dry

Using a toothpick, frill the petals by applying pressure to the toothpick with your index finger, and rolling it over the petal.

The petals will frill and curl.

Put the blossoms in egg trays to dry.

Cut out centres (the Jem Cutter daisy centres are great for this, but even a ball of paste, flattened against a sieve's mesh will do)

Use tylose glue to secure the centre in the flower

Ready to be used
when completely dry (a couple of hours / a day depending on how humid it is).

Pretty simple, and simply pretty : )


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