Thursday, 14 March 2013

Patchwork Egg

Easter is nearly upon us! Where has the last month gone? The last cookies I did were for Valentines Day, and I didn't intend for a whole month to go past before I decorated cookies again, but um, did.
So I felt decidedly rusty doing my Easter class demo's. And I landed up having a dismal start. I wasn't in the zone at all, and made mistake after mistake. So, I let it go for a day, got some sleep and tackled them again in the morning. (Why, oh why do I even try do anything creative when it is late, and I'm tired?!)
The next day I was literally back at the drawing board. A month ago (that month that just evaporated) LilaLoa put out a challenge to sketch your cookie plan before icing. Well, it's a really great idea. But I didn't do it. After Black (cookie) Tuesday though, I had to do something constructive to get my mojo back, so...I sketched....

Don't laugh - that's about the limit of my drawing abilities!
It seems like a ridiculous design to have to sketch, but you'd be surprised at how tricky it is to do without a plan.

Flood and outline non-adjacent areas

Allow them to dry (20 minutes -2 hours depending on how humid it is)

Repeat process until all-patched-up.

Ok, so it's still a bit wonky - but you should see it compared to the unplanned version!

Have a great weekend!


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