Sunday, 24 March 2013

Pink Butterfly Cake

It's quite amazing how a cake that takes hours and hours to put together, can be demolished in a matter of minutes! Actually, not so amazing considering it was surrounded by twenty 3 year olds!

I thoroughly enjoyed making Sabrina's birthday cake, though. And thankfully I took the time to take some photo's to capture it before it was cut. What I did forget to do, though, was photograph the cut cake. But that's almost too much like taking a picture of road-kill, sometimes - so I'm not too upset about that!

The design was very much based on the incredible cakes that Vanessa Iti, Bella Cupcakes creates. I fell in love were her work the first time I saw it, and have avidly followed her since.

The cake had a diameter of 17cm and a height of about 19cm. And it weighed a lot - filled and covered in pink ganache and pink marshmallow fondant.

I used white chocolate ganache, with a ratio of 3:1 chocolate to cream, and simply added some pink powdered colour to the cooling ganache.

Here is a recipe for marshmallow fondant - that version is chocolate, but you simply omit the cocoa for plain MMF. I use both the pink and white marshmallows to get this pretty colour, with no extra food colouring added.

The sweet little butterfly girl cake topper was made out of modeling paste (fondant with tylose powder added). It is actually so easy to make a cake like this, because all the decorative details can be made days, or even weeks in advance. 

I'm glad that Jack's party is still 6 months away - but I confess, that I'm already planning his cake!

Have a great week!


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