Sunday, 3 June 2012


Welcome to Tea, Cake & Create! I hope you enjoy your visit.

 I have always loved baking, but I was a reluctant recipe follower. I loved experimenting, and trying to create something deliciously different. Sometimes it worked, often it didn't (chewy rusks, paper-weight muffins)! But even the successes were difficult to reproduce, as I kept no track of my experiments (despite my scientific background in my traditional profession!) After I did a cupcake decorating class, however, I realized that decorating the cakes / cupcakes / cookies that I was baking was actually the creativity that I was craving, rather than the creative baking! And so I began to pay much closer attention to recipes and baking techniques, trying to create the perfect canvas for decorating.

 Tea, Cake and Create came into being when I started running out of family and friends on whom I could foist my cookies and cupcakes!
So I decided to  invite people around to share the decorating experience. As they grow from my immediate contacts, a lot of the women who come to classes are mothers of young children. My vision is to provide them with some time out from childcare, doing something creative - especially concerning food, to satisfy that need to nurture! - and hopefully leave them feeling inspired and uplifted. I run Cupcake or Cookie decorating classes every week / 2 weeks. Usually on a Friday morning, here in Winston Park, Durban. We sit out on the veranda, decorate, have tea and cake and....create!

 Have a look at the calendar to see what's happening in the next few weeks.

 xx Marina

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