Sunday, 24 June 2012

Cupcake Classes

The next couple of cupcake classes we're doing are "Dress-up" themed, so I have been practising making little handbags and shoes. And a lot more practicing I need!

I look at the amazing things that some very talented cake decorators are doing, and although I feel inspired on the one hand, on the other I feel completely intimidated and out of my depth! Just go and look at the bag and shoe cupcake toppers on - aren't they exquisite?!

Anyway, I really enjoyed trying to figure out making a presentable mini-bag. Can't wait to try a few more.

But I wasn't having much fun with the Jem Cutter that I was using for the mini-shoe.
Why, oh why don't they have an opening in the stalk / holder part in all their cutters, like they do with their 5 petal rose cutter? Instead of nudging your delicate paste out from the centre of the cutter, you have to gouge it out from the edge, and then try hide or fix the blemish?? Am I missing something? Anyone from Jem out their listening?? You're not making life easy for us unsure novices!

I also took a stab at the Millefiori technique that Lindy Smith describes in her book "The Contemporary Cake Decorating Bible", to create animal print...can you tell?? The black / brown and gold was supposed to be leopard print; it looks more like tiger...but I still kinda like it... rwaooar!   : )

Anyway, looking forward to seeing some of you at the next few classes.


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