Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Cupcakes and photos

Today my very talented friend, the photographer Hayley Walker gave me a photography tutorial:  light, light, light, and aperture...that's all; easy, right?! She makes it look very easy, but Hayley's got a heap of natural talent, and experience, so I can only wish to be able to take such beautiful photos...

Hayley's pic's

vs. my photo:

Um, yes, I need a bit more practice...

I once heard, though, that practice doesn't make perfect, it just makes permanent! So it helps to get pointers from experts, otherwise you just entrench bad techniques.

And when it comes to cake decorating, it is just as true. 
Maybe one day I will be confident enough to show you the pictures of the first birthday cakes I did for my son. But I'm not ready yet! I still need to work on the "after",  before I'm strong enough to laugh at the "before" : )

  Take a look at Hayley's gallery on or visit her on Facebook (Hayley Walker Photography). It's great having such talented friends - I'll have to invite her around every time I bake....

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