Thursday, 16 July 2015

Ruffled Heart Box Cake

It's the final week of school holidays, and we're all still alive! 
Although my daughter (5) did decide yesterday that she'd like to go and live with her aunt and "cuzzies". 
I went along with it until she selected her favourite DVD's and started taking piles of her clothes out the cupboard. I put my foot down when she wanted to borrow a suitcase to pack it all up in. 
I may regret the decision when she's 15...!  
(I don't take her attempt to jump ship personally - it's not a reflection on my deficiencies as a parent, just the attractive pull of a household of women and multiple TV's ... love is full of fickle favouritism when you're five!)

 So while I've been dealing with the perfidy of my progeny (and all the other activities holidays demand), it's been tricky to get much else done. So this is a reflection on an earlier project -  another mini-cakes class idea that I have in mind. A little simpler than the teddy bear and suitcase cake, but still a fun cake to make.  

It's a small 4 inch sponge cake, covered in a modelling chocolate / fondant blend.

The wood effect is created by hand with a dresden tool, and then 2 layers of paint are applied afterwards to give it a bit of dimension. The first is a mixture of chocolate brown gel and clear alcohol, and the second coat is ivory gel and clear alcohol.

Wooden box cake before painting...

Wooden box cake after painting...


Happy decorating!

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