Friday, 26 June 2015

Suitcase and Teddy Cake

Yay! It's school holidays!
No morning rush; no school lunches to pack; no scramble to find socks/ jerseys/ PE tops 5 minutes
60 seconds before we leave home, and no homework to fight through!
But it does mean having to entertain the kids for the whole day; every day for three weeks....
I may just need to pack my bags and disappear on a mom-vacation at the end of that.

So, here's celebrating vacations! (Or the anticipation of them!). 

This is an idea I'm trying out for a future class. It was such a sweet little cake to make. 
It's a 4 inch vanilla sponge covered in ganache and decorated with modelling chocolate/ fondant.

What you might just be able to see in the picture, is the post-construction dusting on the sugar paste: light brown/ tan along the edges of the leatherwork, and dark brown in the creases.
If  I'd taken a before and after photo (*ahem... ahem*), you'd see what a big difference it makes.
And I feel like such a "grown-up" decorator when I dust or paint on cakes! (Big enough to be using make-up!)
Give it a try sometime, if you haven't already - dusting can create subtle shadows and accents, and can bring a fondant piece to life. Just like my morning make-up!

Happy holidays! (And if you're going away, safe travels - and remember to pack Teddy!)


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