Sunday, 12 July 2015

Jungle Animals - Modelling Chocolate

So, I must have been absent the day we learned about Asian lions. I mean, I know that we get African and Asian elephants, obviously. But non-African lions.... I really did not know that!
Those cartoon pictures and children's books where lions and tigers fraternize have always bugged me (just a bit) - but it turns out that they actually can cross paths, not just pages.

 I still couldn't bring myself to include a lion in the line-up for this class, though.
It's a Jungle Animals theme, and lion is still out on safari (where he belongs, in my book!).



and Elephant - Asian ... you can tell, 'cause he's smiling.
(No, that's not a political commentary - it's a fact that Asian elephants are friendlier!)

All made with a modeling chocolate / fondant blend.
See here for the modelling chocolate recipe I use.


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