Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Oreo Bites

They say that necessity is the mother of invention.
I don't know who they are, but they're right.
I needed butter to bake something for tea for the next day's class. I didn't have butter. (How could I not have butter!?!) But I did have ganache. Go figure!
So, I "invented" these.
Who knows if they're original.
They say there's nothing new under the sun. (I think they're wrong on that one.)

 But here they are - a tea treat that doesn't need butter...
I'm calling them Oreo Bites.
 Or Oreo Bombs. Maybe Oreo Pops.
 Um... Oreo Thingy's - that one was Tammy's title; giving credit where it's due  ;o)

Oreo Bites / Bombs/ Pops
Recipe by Tea,Cake and Create

300g Oreo biscuits, finely crushed
200g white chocolate ganache
200g dark chocolate, melted - for dipping.
Cocoa for dusting

White Chocolate Ganache

150g white chocolate
50g cream (35-40% fat content)

Melt both ingredients together in a double boiler.

Allow to cool slightly.

(If you're using ganache that has already set, heat it gently - either in the microwave or double boiler - until it is at spreading consistency.)

Assembling the Oreo Pops:
Mix the crumbs and ganache together.
Take spoonfuls of the mixture and roll into balls.
Refrigerate for 30minutes

Dip in melted chocolate. (I do this by dipping half, allowing it to set; then dipping the other half).

Dust with cocoa powder. Serve. Eat.


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