Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Baby Shower Cookies : Baby Shoe

Most of the time my cookie classes' themes are inspired by what's happening: seasons, celebrations, styles. But I'm relieved to say that this class wasn't one of them. I'm very glad for you if you're  pregnant; but I'm more glad for me that I'm not...!
My son says he wants a brother, and my daughter wants "a gazillion" sisters. I say no NO! You two are just perfect. You two are ENOUGH!

SO,  ahem... I mean so...

How to decorate a Baby Shoe Cookie: 

Outline cookie with piping consistency royal icing, and allow to dry

 Flood with "15 second" baby blue icing.

Pipe on wet-on-wet dots with 15 second white icing, and allow to dry.

 Pipe on stitching with piping consistency icing; and the start of a small button with 15 second yellow icing. Leave to dry.

Pipe a border around the circle of yellow icing to create the button with 15 second icing; and pipe on  the criss-cross stitch.
 Leave to dry.

Royal icing recipe and explanation of consistencies here
Gorgeous baby themed cutters from Treat Boutique

Happy decorating!


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