Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Dora the Explorer Cookies

Normally by this time in December I'm completely over Christmas baking.
Fortunately, though, this year the repetition of red-white-and-green has been relieved by a number of non-Yuletide projects (thanks to a few friends who really didn't think the timing of their children's birthdays through very carefully!)

This was one of them:
Dora and friends cookies.

Making character-anything can be tricky. Their faces are usually so distinctive that a slight misplacement of a feature will stand out like a sore thumb.
Using something like a Kopykake projector would be ideal, but seeing as I don't own one, this is what works instead:

Print out an appropriately sized image, and dis-assemble it

Trace around the hair outline (use a scibe tool, non-toxic graphite pencil or edible marker.)

Outline where the eyes will go

Use piping consistency icing* to outline the hair   

Flood the hair area, using "10-15 sec" icing*

After the hair has dried, fill in the face

{Oops, forgot to take more photos along the way(...again!)}
Once the face has dried, fill in the eyes; add the other facial details; re-outline the hair. 

* For details on royal icing consistency, see here.

And giving credit where it is most definitely due: The style of these cookies is a direct copy of Sweet Sugarbelle's Dora set.

Happy decorating!


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