Thursday, 18 December 2014

Christmas Cookies: Babushka Dolls

Tonight's the night - time to wrap Christmas presents! 
My husband is out, so I can do his too (and also make sure they all get wrapped the way I like them to get wrapped. What, me... a control freak? Noooo! Okay, maybe a little. But I can control it!)

And so it's time to wrap up a few other Christmas things....

This year's Xmas cookie line-up. 
I had to sneak the Babushka's in there, because I didn't make them for Mothers Day, and I couldn't let a year go by without them! 

This is how I do their faces. By no means do I think that it is the definitive way of doing it, or the way they have to be done (see - I can relinquish control!), but it's a quick and easy, and gets cute results. 

Flood a round / oval for the face  (with flooding consistency royal icing)

Immediately pipe on (wet-on-wet, with flooding consistency royal icing):
- the rosy cheeks
- the hair
- the eyes.

Use a toothpick or scribe tool to drag the icing outwards  from the eyes to create the eyelashes.

Leave the face to dry, before piping on a little heart for the lips. Use piping consistency royal icing for this. 

Happy decorating (and gift wrapping)!


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