Friday, 4 April 2014

Then and Now: Couture Cupcakes

Have I ever told you how awful the first birthday cake I made was? It was for my son's second birthday  and I had no idea how to ice cakes, but figured that it couldn't be too difficult. We--ell!
I've suppressed the memory, but I shed a lot of tears of frustration that night. A lot.
I can't even find a photo of it - it was so bad that my husband couldn't bring himself to take a picture. Cake wreck. Really.
Now, I still don't see myself as a hot-shot cake decorator, but I'm generally content with the outcome, and take a few photo's to boot!

So, just as a Friday-night-funny, I thought I'd show you a then-and-now of "couture" cupcakes that I've done. The black and white set is from the past week, and the others are from 2 years ago.
(I actually thought that they were quite good at the time!)



Yes, there's still room for improvement - but at least I can look at the photos and not cringe! 

: ) 


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