Saturday, 12 April 2014

Jem Cutters Lace Butterflies

Sho-eee! I'm getting to the end of what's been a very busy two months; and I've been aware over the past week of how little attention I've paid to the TC&C Facebook page. But it got me thinking - how good a reflection of our lives is Facebook, really? I mean, here I am in the midst of a crazy-busy period and my presence (or lack thereof) on FB suggests hibernation. Now, I do think that selective posting is a good idea (the world doesn't need to know about everything in your life, surely?) but often people only post things that are either very good or very bad, and sometimes I think that gives us a very skewed idea of reality. And sometimes, I just look at posts and think Really? Is that for real life or your Facebook life? (No - not you, never you!!)

Any-hoo... That's got nothing to do with this post; except that these cupcakes were made for a friend who saw pictures of some of my bright and colourful rainbow cupcakes on FB, asked for something similar, and this is what she got.
Huh?! Ok, it's a long story which I'll share when the official photos are out.

I was going to do a photo tutorial on how to make the butterflies (using Jem's lace butterfly cutters)…

Which I find quite fiddly to use, but some of the real professionals have already done a great job of doing a YouTube video tutorial.

Here's the link:

Happy decorating!


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