Saturday, 30 November 2013

In the Pink

If I were to catalogue things that are completely useless (and wouldn't that be a completely useless exercise?!) at the top of the list: the last 6 months on your passport.

So, yesterday while I should have been creating something delicious in my kitchen to share with you, I was at Home Affairs renewing my passport (which expires in July!) instead. Oh, well. At least it's now done for another ten 9.5 years!
But I'll have to share some colour theory with you instead of a new recipe. Ok?

These were the colours I was working with in the "Cake and Cupcakes" cookie class, and I absolutely loved the colour scheme  - but it took a bit of finessing to get it just right:
Pink, teal, white and brown.  

Here's Teal vs.Turquoise:
                                                                                                   (Americolor / Cake Flora gel colours).

Both are gorgeous colours; the teal is just a tinge more green.
But not the tinge of green I wanted. So, I created another teal using turquoise and a drop (yes, that small) of mint green.

And as for the pinks - 
Here's Deep Pink vs. Soft Pink:

Deep Pink on the left - cool (blue) undertone. Soft Pink on the right - warm (yellow) undertone.

It's really helpful to figure that out because - as a rule of thumb - sticking to colours with the same undertone (warm or cool, not both) in a project leads to a harmonious visual effect.
(And oh, how I love a harmonious visual effect!)

Boldly mixing cool and warm palettes can create an off-beat effect.

And using a predominance of one with contrasts of the other can create both interest and balance.

Just a little something to bear in mind if colour choices are stumping you : )

Happy Creating!


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