Sunday, 10 November 2013

Dog Silhouette Cookies

So, are you are dog-person? Cat-person? Both? Neither?
Currently I'm a no-pet person. Not because I don't like them - we always had pets growing up (everything from the finned to the four-legged varieties), but now that I'm the grown-up, I just don't feel up to the task of cleaning cages or pooping scoop.
My poor children make pets out of rocks and sticks - and strangely a magnifying glass (called Orchin) - instead.
I actually have all the paraphernalia ready and waiting for a kitten. But getting the kitten is still on the to-do list. (And I'm planning on getting it from a rescue centre, so the daily guilt of not-having-done-it-yet is building up!)

Anyway, that's got nothing to do with making these cookies, except that they share the same subject matter.

When I first saw Rosey SugarArt's dog silhouette cookies, they were put on my to-do list.
And when I bought poodle, dachshund and schnauzer cookie cutters, they were also put on my to-do list.
Undone to-do lists make me uncomfortable, so I finally did:

Flood square cookies with brightly coloured royal icing.
Allow to dry completely. (24hrs)
Using the dog cookie cutters, outline their pedigreed shapes onto the cookies with an edible marker/ non-toxic graphite pencil.

Use black icing to outline and flood the dog-silhouette.

Couldn't be easier, right?

Obviously you could also just print templates for the dog shapes. But I'm sure I'll have a reason to use my dog cookie cutters again sometime. But for now they're off my to-do list.
 But the kitten is not *sigh*.


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