Friday, 20 September 2013

Sugar Paste Puppy Tutorial

Sugar paste puppy:

Here's the inspiration:

He's looking a bit bedraggled and is hung up to dry because he belongs to a 3 year old, and she decided that he needed a bath.  (Wondering why I haven't got my kids any real live pets yet...?!)
; )

You'll need:
- A ball of white fondant/ plastic icing with some tylose powder added to it.
- A small ball (less than pictured) of black fondant with tylose powder added to it.
(The official amount is 1tsp tylose powder per 250g fondant, but I just go by feel. Too little and the paste won't hold it's shape, too much and it becomes hard and cracks easily.)

-You'll also need a scallop tool - AKA a"smiley mouth" tool; a small palette knife, and some tylose glue / water and a paintbrush to apply it.

These are the basic shapes to begin with:

Then slightly elongate the legs by rolling the narrow end of the teardrop in your palm:

Position limbs on the sides of the body. Attach with a little tylose glue / water.
Place a stick of spaghetti in the body to support the head.

Roll out two small balls for ears.

Flatten them, and pinch the ends.

Position on the head - correct positioning is important. Play around with them a bit before attaching  with glue, if you are not sure.

Use the small palette knife / the blunt side of a knife to mark the muzzle.
Place the black patch on the face where one eye will be marked, and stick on a little black nose.
Use the scallop tool to mark the closed eyes (the black eye too - you just can't see that in the photo).

Attach the head to the body - use a little glue.

Add a tail and some other details...

I used the stitching tool to make it look more like a toy puppy.

Allow to dry.

Let sleeping dogs lie ; )


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