Sunday, 29 September 2013

Snail Cookie Cutters

WhileI was scrolling through all the (cupcake, cake and cookie) photos stored on my computer - trying to get rid of some to make space for more (cupcake, cake and cookie) photos - I came across the one below that I snapped while cutting out snail cookies for the Spring Cookie classes. 
I was going to send it straight to the trash bin, but thought I might as well share this first: - 

If you are battling to get cookie dough out of narrow spaces in a cookie cutter, a fondant ball/ bone tall is a great help. As you lift the cutter away from the cookie dough, gently press down the dough that is wanting to stay in the narrow part of the cutter. That should prevent this area from breaking off. 
And if you don't have fondant tools, then any slim blunt-ended instrument will do - the non-business end of a pencil or paintbrush, for example. 

Is there anyone on this planet that benefitted from that "tidbit", or was I just justifying the photo I took and explaining something totally obvious?!?

Happy baking!



  1. Thanks for this. It did help. I am currently making unicorn cookies and having such a hard time with the horns and legs breaking. So I will try this.

    1. It can be so frustrating!
      Also make sure you're using chilled dough, and dust the cutter's cutting edge with corn flour too.
      Good luck! 😉