Monday, 30 September 2013

Spotty Dotty Flower Tutorial

A couple of months ago - and by a couple I mean 3: ) - I posted a recipe for Malva Pudding Cupcakes, and a few people asked how I made the spotty flowers that I'd decorated them with.

So, I've reproduced them, and taken a couple of photos along the way to show you how:

Spotty Dotty Flower Tutorial :

You'll need:
Tylose paste / gumpaste in 2 colours - white and pink, in this example.
Flower cutter
Small circle cutter
Cake smoother
Tylose glue
Egg tray
A little Holsum (white vegetable fat) to grease your work surface, if needed.

Roll out the white paste and cut out several dots. I use a PME plunger cutter for this (love!) but you can also use the tip of a large plain icing nozzle, or any other round cutter.
Cover with plastic, and set aside.
Roll out the pink paste.

Distribute the white dots over the pink paste - use a dab of tylose glue or water if necessary to stick them down - flatten with a cake smoother.

Cut out flowers and place in an egg tray to dry.

Make buttons for centre of flower - cut out rounds out of tylose paste (don't roll the paste too thin) and use a toothpick to make the central holes.

Glue in place in the centre of the flowers.

Allow to dry completely before using to decorate cupcakes.

Pretty simple, yes?

Happy decorating!