Saturday, 3 November 2012

Vintage Lace Effect on Cupcakes

Do you ever wonder what makes a "look" fashionable.
Not just clothing, but food, decor, the names we choose for our children - everything that is popular taste. Why do we like hairstyles the way they are now? Car designs - I mean, did we really think those boxy, angular things we drove 20 years ago were beautiful? That word seems ludicrous when I think of the triangular Mazda that was my first car! And the even more sharp-nosed VW Golf that replaced it!
And then the interesting thing is that a look becomes fashionable again. (Will 80's fashion make a re-appearance in 10 years time? Shudderific thought!!)

Now, here we are in 2012 and "Vintage" is in. And we are going to much trouble to make current things look classically aged. I love it!
To me, "Vintage" is layers and lace; ruffles and roses; contrasting textures and subtle tones.

So, here's a little tutorial on how to create a "Vintage Lace" look on your cupcake.

You'll need

  •  a small piece of clean netting
  • a design to emboss - you can use standard fondant impression mats or rollers. I use the plates that are used to emboss paper (look for them in scrap-booking shops)
  • a cake smoother
  • a small fondant roller
  • fondant in white or ivory
  • round cutter - appropriate for the size of your cupcake surface
  • corn-flour
  • cupcakes, with their surfaces prepared with buttercream.
Dust your work surface with corn flour, then
Roll out the fondant
Place the net over the fondant


Place embosser over the net

Press down with the cake smoother

 Then cut out your round of fondant and place on top of the prepared cupcake.

And then finish it off with a vintage topper. This particular topper was made with this cabbage rose plunger cutter, but textured first with the net.

Happy creating!


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