Thursday, 29 November 2012

Pre-Christmas Pink Pig Cookie

I know, I know; and I still fully intend to share my dark-chocolate-and-ginger cookie recipe with is coming!
But, the next few weeks are going to be unavoidably red, green and white...
Christmas is coming... in case you hadn't noticed ; )

So, before we enter December, here's a little pink interlude...

Isn't he sweet?!

Cookie ready



Wet-on-wet details

The collective noun for pigs is "a drift".  Huh! 

Wet-on-dry details

...and friends.

The cookie recipe I used was this one.

And for a bit more about outlining and flooding cookies see this post on  Royal Icing, and this one on cookie decorating basics.  

Next time - really! - dark chocolate ginger cookie recipe : 0 )


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