Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Lemon Cookie Dough

This is another post that I had planned to write something else, but time seems to be in such short supply this week that I am just going to share something short and - it goes without saying - sweet : )

A few weeks ago I posted the cookie recipe that I am using at the moment, and I had a few flavour suggestions at the end. So, I used one of those suggestions myself. (What do they say about advice? Don't give it unless you're prepared to take it? Does anyone say that, or have I just completely made that up?!?)
...Anyway: Lemon zest and this cookie dough. Great combination!

Simply add the zest of 2 lemons to this recipe. If I'd had any lemon essence, I would have used it, too. So I'll be adding that to my shopping list.

I made this particular batch of cookie dough not for cookies, but to make bases for mini lemon meringues pies.

 (The recipe produces  much more dough than needed for this project, so the rest has gone in the freezer to be used another time for cookies or maybe a cheesecake base.)

So those have now been baked, and will be frozen until stage two.
I'll share the finished product, pictures and full recipe when they're done.

But, now I'm thinking of flavour combinations...what about some lavender and lemon cookies? It'll taste like Spring! (Beautiful blossoming Spring - not the muddy, mouldy Spring of reality!) 
So, when this rain finally stops, and I can venture out into the garden again to harvest some lavender flowers, I think I might just give that a try... 

Happy baking!


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