Thursday, 18 October 2012

A Halloween How-To: Fondant Ghost

I was planning on doing a tutorial on embossing a lace design onto fondant ...but time was in short supply, so I thought I would do something really quick and easy instead. I hope you don't mind.

I've really enjoyed doing all the Halloween cupcakes. They are just so simple and sweet. Which is exactly what you I need, sometimes : )

My favourite topper is the pumpkin, but there's a dozen tut's on fondant pumpkins out there, so I'll show you a ghost, instead.

So, this is what you'll need:
 a small chocolate - something like a mini Bar-One or Chomp.
 a small ball of white fondant/ plastic icing.
 a tiny amount of black fondant
 a small roller
 corn flour for dusting
 tylose glue... but even water will do.

See: super simple.

Dust the surface you are working on with corn flour.
Make a small ball of fondant to stand your chocolate up on.

Roll out the rest of the fondant - roughly large enough to cover your chocolate.
If you want to, you can dust it with white luster dust at this stage. For large area like this, use a sponge to apply the luster dust.

Drape it over the chocolate. If it's a little short, don't worry - this ghost can't escape the force of gravity - the weight of the fondant will pull the edge downwards.

If it is too long, trim the edge with a round cookie cutter, or with your cutting tool of choice

Make three small balls of black fondant - slightly oval is better. And attach with tylose glue, or just a dab of water. (If you have a black edible marker, you can use that instead, of course.)

That's it...'s not meant to look like a ghost, by the way. It's meant to look like a child dressed up as a ghost - last minute, mom-can't-sew kind of thing....
(If I had more time, two little feet sticking out the bottom would be super sweet, wouldn't it?)

My children better never expect me to make them Halloween costumes. They might just find themselves covered in giant sheets of fondant...

Happy creating!



  1. I was wondering what to make the kids in our road (we live in a cul-de-sac and a closed road) as a treat for Halloween - apparently me scaring the kids with a butcher knife at the door with my vicious dog salivating at the mouth is not appropriate - jees - I thought it was called "trick or treat". Chocolates and sweets are so boring, so a cupcake with a ghost on will surely make the most popular mom in our road? If not the knife will come out (evil chuckle follows).
    Thank you for the easy tutorial.

    1. Oh, Cheneen! You are so funny ; )