Thursday, 4 October 2012

Easy Owl Cupcake Toppers

Did you have any paste left over from the previous owl project? Did you still have some unfinished owl business? Well, if you were me the answer to both those questions was: Yes!

So..hoo-hoo...this is a super-easy cupcake topper, that you don't need much to make:

An oval, or round cutter, and an icing nozzle.
A bit of fondant / tylose paste/ mix of both. (pink, brown, white, orange - or whatever you have)
A roller and a knife.
A toothpick.
Tylose glue.

(See here for a tutorial on tylose paste and glue).

 First, roll out your pink paste and cut out your oval or round shape, then cut off part of the top wit the same cutter.

 Cut a triangle of orange for the beak, indent it with a toothpick to create nostrils, attach it with tylose glue

Roll out brown paste and use the oval/ round cutter again to make wings

Use the cutter on the other side of the cut out paste, too. Make 2, and attach with tylose glue.

Roll out some white paste, and cut out round eyes using the icing nozzle. 

Stick them onto the owl with tylose glue, and make two little round brown balls of paste to stick onto the white. 

Make 2 balls of orange and stick them on as feet.

Indent the claws using the blunt side of a knife

Emboss the chest of the owl using the tip of the icing nozzle. 

That's it.  
Owl done. Unless of course you can't resist making a few more...


Happy creating! 


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