Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Ateco 852 Icing Tip

We've all got our favourites, right?
 Favourite flavour,  favourite icing,  favourite colour,  favourite child... just kidding! (...most of the time, anyway 😜)

And this is my favourite piping tip - the Ateco 852

If you have access to the Wilton range, you probably use a 1M or a 2D tip to create beautiful rosettes of icing. Locally, though, Ateco is the quality brand to choose, and the 852 nozzle is the one I'd recommend most. 

 It's a closed (the tines curl inwards) star tip. And because its tines are cut more deeply than the other closed star tips, it creates that beautiful ruffled icing/ rosette effect. 

Because it's a medium-sized large tip (as opposed to jumbo) it doesn't smother your cupcake with too much icing, and is a great choice for covering a lot of cupcakes without having to make huge batches of icing. 

So pretty, right? See - it's ok to have favourites! 

Happy decorating! 


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