Sunday, 1 May 2016

Butterfly Wedding Cake

So, this was the wedding cake that I didn't know I was making.
Don't you just hate that when it happens?!
Well, I had agreed to make it... 4 years ago...

Long story.
A friend of my sister's. Different wedding, same bride. The first one wasn't meant to be (and thankfully she found that out before the big day). This guy's a keeper.

But, truthfully, I haven't been much involved with the in's and out's of it; and hadn't considered that my offer from 4 years ago (when I had way more baking & caking time on my hands) was still standing.

So, when was "reminded" about the cake 10 days before the wedding, it came as a b-i-i-i-t of a surprise...! Thankfully it was a simple mandate: a small cake, and a few dozen cupcakes with a butterfly theme. And in a colour scheme I love.

Here's how I made this large butterfly for the cake: 

Cut out with a cookie cutter; embossed details with a  Dresden tool. 

Dried in a fold of cardboard. Shaded with brown 

Dusted with luster

Done and dusted ;o) 


And the crackled effect on the sides of the cake is courtesy of this video tutorial by Cakes by Angela Morrison
I had to press on the gum paste (CMC paste) layer very firmly to get the cracks to appear; but that could be because I got my drying time wrong.
It's a lovely effect, isn't it?

Happy decorating!



  1. I am in love with this beautiful butterfly wedding cake. Love all colors used in the party. Thanks a ton for sharing these photos here. I will be having a fairy themed wedding at one of outdoor party venues and would go for a similar cake.

    1. Thank you, Drew.
      I love the sound of a fairy themed wedding! Please share your pictures with me after the big day, on the Tea, Cake & Create Facebook site.
      xx Marina