Sunday, 20 March 2016

Cat Themed Cake

You know you're getting older when it takes you a day and a half to recover from a party.
A kid's party.

Admittedly I did do a vast amount of running around on a sweltering day to get it all done. But still. I'm getting old... er!

And so is my daughter: it was her 6th birthday. A cat themed celebration, as you can see.

And like last year, I had put aside the week of the party for all the party-prep and decorating, but then got caught up in work demands; school events, seminars,etc, and had to squeeze the cake decorating into a short few hours. On the hottest day of the week. 
But, it all got done in the end; at price of a few (more) grey hairs....

The cake was inspired by one done by Sweetlake Cakes (design used with permission). 
The cat topper tutorial is available from Crumb Avenue
Here is how I achieved the even spacing of polka dots on the top tier (which was a 4 inch dummy cake). 

You can see where I placed the initial dots, then decided not to just wing it! I drew out the grid on baking parchment, and used a pin to mark the placement of the subsequent dots onto the underlying fondant.  If you're very smart, you'll start by measuring the circumference of the cake, then divide that exactly so that your spacing at the end is synchronised with your spacing at the start. Mine wasn't, so that part  is hidden at the back of the cake! 

Almost purr-fect!

Happy decorating!


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