Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Cat Cookies

It's just a few days to go until Easter, but we're not quite ready for rabbits here, yet. We're still on the subject of cats...
(I really hope that the Easter Bunny is going to pitch up this year though, because I haven't had a chance to gather all my eggs in one basket yet!)

My daughter's recent  paw-ty was more glamour-cat than cute-kitty (apparently she turned 16 instead of six), but the ultra-cute cat cookies that Flour Box Bakery  recently posted were the perfect  purr-fect inspiration for the party favours I was planning.  I just changed them a little by giving them beguiling kitty eyes.

Now, I have a serious problem with symmetry; so this little template helped me position the eyes (I marked their location onto the cookie with a scribe tool). 

Then followed Flourbox Bakery's video tutorial for the rest of the cat face. 

When the background area had dried, I filled in the eyes. First the whites; 

then the irises (wet-on-wet);

followed by the pupils (also wet-on-wet).

Added a spot of white for the glimmer in the eye, 

and once the eyes had dried, piped on some glamourous eyeliner 

But, if that's a little complicated for you - cute little black kitty eyes, are just fine too! 

Happy decorating!


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