Sunday, 14 February 2016

Je T'aime Valentines Cookies - Stencilling with Color Mist Spray

Valentines was the very first cookie class that I ever gave.
If I look back at those cookies, I'm mortified that I even thought of teaching at that stage!
But I made up for my lack of experience with oodles of enthusiasm! And in my defence, I saw those early sessions more as a craftsy-club get-together rather than classes (or so I tell myself!).

Over the past few years, we've done traditional Valentines, Vintage Valentines, Lovebirds, Bee my Valentine and this year's Je t'aime class - valentines cookies with a  French flair.
So... any suggestions for next year??

Here's an easy way to use a stencil on a cookie:

What you'll need:

A royal icing covered cookie, that has dried completely(preferably overnight).
Spray on luster (or use an airbrush) - I'm using Wilton Color Mist in silver, here.
Magnetic clips
Paper towel
Cookie tray

Place the paper towel onto the cookie tray.
Position the stencil over the cookie, and secure with the magnetic clips (you could just use wooden pegs, but the magnets help to keep the stencil firmly in place as they stick to the metal cookie tray).

Spray a fine mist of luster over the stencil/ cookie. Don't hold the spray too close, and don't overdo it - it's more likely to smudge if it's too wet.
(I'm spraying from the wrong direction here, because the stencil is slightly lifted at the bottom edge, and I don't want the color mist to creep under the stencil from that side).

Leave to dry for a couple of minutes before removing the stencil.

Finish with royal icing accents.

For another simple Valentines cookie tutorial (wet-on-wet hearts), see here .

Happy valentines decorating! 


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